Human Resources Development 

Improve the competence of your employees

vseživljenjska karierna orientacija, VKO

Lifelong Career Orientation 

Developing employees’ potential

Our partners raise their work efficiency and their employees’ level of competence through comprehensive approach towards 
establishing internal system for human resources development. 


Our psychological testings help our clients
to identify the preferences, potentials, talents and competence of their staff, and thus effectively plan their development.

Company internal acts 

By creating legally mandatory and other internal acts our client companies ensure themselves their coherence with the legislation in force.


With our help, client companies 
achieve their personal and business
goals more effectively and improve
their work efficiency.

Jobsolut - Solutions for recruitment and selection

We are developing an innovative and comprehensive solution which streamlines the process of recruitment and enables more
efficient decision making. At the same time it enables job seekers to monitor the vacancies and to submit job offers of a higher quality.

Management of the entire recruitment process

Companies with the help of Jobsolut automate job applications collection, selection, testing, profiling and ranking
of job candidates, and drastically improve their decision making at recruiting.

Artificial intelligence supported recruitment

Artificial intelligence provides the support to companies in identificating the most suitable candidate according to the job requirements and criteria.

Simplified process of
job search

Job seekers have better overview of available jobs and the process of submitting job offers is simplified. Evaluation of their job applications
is more objective as well.

Employee Training 

Improving Knowledge and Competencies 

Various kinds of trainings enable the employees to gain new knowledge and skills.  

Our programmes include different fields of soft competencies. Our clients can choose among various special trainings and
e-trainings as well.

Special training programs

Companies have access to unique trainings, tailored to their specific needs. The employees can thereby receive practical
knowledge, which brings the highest added value to their work.

Mental Gym 

Employees improve their mental endurance, concentration and mental power through innnovative training method, which takes place in a modular gym for the mind in a form of interactive sessions.


With e-learning programmes our client companies ensure their staff a time and cost efficient way of gaining new knowledge. Content, designed in an interactive way, motivates them to upgrade their knowledge. 


We offer innovative and flexible e-learning programmes.