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About the Company 

We help businesses with big ideas

We are among the most successful Slovenian companies in obtaining alternative sources of financing for starting, developing and implementing the projects.

We are trusted by:
- leading research institutes
- small and medium sized high-technology ICT companies
- organizations from the field of social entrepreneurship
- companies that wish to encourage the development of their    staff through innovative methods and modern trainings.

Together with our clients we prepare projects that are
co-financed from EU and Slovenian funds. We make the process of obtaining EU funds easier and, most importantly,
we ensure that good projects get off the ground with possibly the best source of funding available.

Our innovation and excellence in project management, our understanding of EU programme objectives, and our ability
to identify business opportunities are reflected in our success
in obtaining grants for our customers. 

Replika Group 

Creating solutions 

Replika PRO ltd. is part of Replika Group, which also includes companies Replika Invest ltd., Replika ltd., and Replikateh ltd. Replika Group is a product of our customers’ demand for comprehensive and quality solutions for their businesses.


Replika PRO  is represented by people with names and life stories. The work environment of Replika PRO is a dynamic one and consists of a team  of dedicated employees. It also  provides opportunities for acquiring new skills.

We are always open to dynamic, highly motivated and self-initiated individuals who always strive to new challenges. If you are prepared for personal and professional development, we invite you to send us you CV via: info@replika-pro.eu

Business card

  • Cesta na Brdo 28

  • 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • (+386) 59 050 159

  • info@replika-pro.eu

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