EU Funds 

Develop your business with EU grants

Monitoring and Informing 

Our partners are regularly 
informed about the most suitable opportunities for funding of their projects. 

Consortia Integration

By integrating into our 
diverse network of 
institutions, our partners 
increase the chances of proposal success.

Proposal Submission 

Proposal submission includes joint development and 
improvement of the project idea and preparation of the project documentation.

Project Coordination      

Partners use the awarded funds effectively, since they trust us also with financial and administrative management of the project. 

Why our partners trust us

6 reasons to work with us 

Information about the most appropriate and favourable tenders.

Based on a thorough analysis of the project idea potencial, our partners receive information on the most appropriate calls.

Relief of our partners’ burden through optimization of time and resources.

Systematic approach ensures that work is performed independently and requires minimal engagement of our clients.

Administrative and technical flawlessness of project documentation and results delivered within planned deadlines. 

Project documentation is formally complete and substantively coherent with objectives of the call, which is the basic prerequisite to successfully obtain funds. 

Remarkably high percentage of successful submissions and completed projects. 

Our partners compete for funds with 82% chance of success.

Effective use of awarded grants.

Our clients have our support in managing and monitoring project activities also after successful proposal submission.

Guarantee for the quality of our service by success-fee bussiness model.

There is no financial risk for our partners, because the payment for our service is based merely on the successful obtainment of funds.

Examples of Successful Projects

Inovative solutions in the field of e-medicine

Project is aimed to develop innovative solutions for digitalization of health care processes. 

Innovative solutions for plant protection

Project aims to develop innovative agents for plant protection. It has
high market potential. 

Development in the field of sustainable mobility

The project is aimed to form innovative solutions for new, sustainable forms of mobility. 

Development of innovative e-learning technologies

Project is aimed to form innovative programmes and technologies for
e-learning tailored to specific needs
and characteristics of users.

Implementation of
e-learning in Slovenian companies

Project’s goal is to ensure that employees learn in an innovative,
cost and time efficient manner. 

Research project for improved work environment 

Project is aimed to identify key factors that cause work-related stress and to design effective solutions for easier coping with negative effects of stress. 

Horizon 2020

Support for R&D projects

Horizon 2020 is the largest EU Research and Innovation programme so far with nearly €80 billion of funding available over the next 7 years (2014-2020).

The objective of the programme is to ensure marketing breakthroughs, discoveries and inventions on a global scale. 

Grants are awarded for funding of various predefined fields: 

    • enterpreneurship and innovation promotion investment
    • promotion of information and communication techonologies usage
    • improving programmes for lifelong learning and trainings
    • promotion of regional development and the development of local infrastructure

National calls 

Support for Innovative Ideas 

National calls are released by national ministries or funds
and only Slovenian companies can apply. 

Slovenian calls are aimed to finance projects within the following fields:

    • technological investment
    • development of new products and services
    • employee training
    • market breaktrough of micro, small and medium enterprises (SME)

H2020 Manuals

Write a Winning H2020 Proposal

To win the H2020 funding an excellent project proposal is essential. We decided to share our knowledge and know-how about EU funding through tools, which are much more than mere collection of official and non-official information available online.

Information is supported with valuable insights from experienced H2020 evaluators and best practice examples. There is no unnecessary theory, only practical and useful secrets, not available anywhere else.

Discover more about our tools here.


Our tools are available through several different toolboxes, which contain essential know-how for effective proposal writing.


Our team of experienced evaluators can help you maximize the chances for success by prescreening the proposal, providing feedback and tips to improve your proposal.


Templates include detailed guidelines and questions, which should be answered in order to meet the evaluation criteria, tables and visuals, designed in a space-saving manner, and examples, based on best practice experience.

Funds for Development?

Are you a high-technology,
export-oriented company 
planning a development project?